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Re: Seven year report, 2011 LEAF.

Thu Jun 28, 2018 4:39 pm

mgoleta wrote:2011 LEAF SL, QC ,April 21,2011

Current mileage, 40.1K, 10/12 bars, only around town driving. Only L1 charging to 80% first 4 years, last 3+ years L1 charging to 100%, Never ended up using QC or L2.

The first set of tires wore out at 20K miles (3-1/2 years). Replaced at Costco ($470). These tires also lasted 20K mi, 3-1/2 years but they had 60K warranty. As a result Costco replaced all 4 tires for a net of $165.
Otherwise service costs have been quite minimal, total of 3 brake fluid changes, yearly battery check (first 2 years were free), tire rotation (free after getting Costco tires). Touch-up paint for small nicks and scratches, $26, 12V battery replacement after 7 years ($81 from Costco), yearly replacement of windshield wipers from Costco ($7).
Unplanned costs, $200, upgrade of telematics after ATT retirement of 1G service.
This year I had some intermittent operation of the backup camera caused by loose cable.

The car has been solid and reliable.

We just replaced the 2011 LEAF and our 2007 Prius with a 2018 Bolt Premiere and a 2018 LEAF S with winter package (ie. heated seats in both cars). Now we are a completely EV household. Gave up on our reservation for a Tesla M3 standard range after it became apparent that it would not be delivered until after the federal tax credit starts phasing out (2019 Q1 or 2019 Q2).

Total electricity costs for entire house net $120 over 7 years (monthly service charges minus energy buy back at end of each year). Total cost of original solar installation, $12.5K. Projected yearly cost going forward with 2 electric cars, $90/year for entire house.

Our original 2011 LEAF will continue on with one of our friends.

Thanks for the detailed report. It will be interesting to hear your take on the Bolt and 2018 Leaf since you will be driving both.

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