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Key reprogram/replacement options for gutted Leaf

Sun Jun 09, 2019 1:35 pm

So! I am attempting to install a Nissan Leaf drivetrain into a Rover Mini. Somewhere during the teardown of the Leaf, I lost the smart key fob. I'm still lookin', but my guess is that I left it in the Leaf when I had the remnants towed away.

From what I've read, various electronic components of the Leaf are keyed to the key, and nothing will work unless they're all working with the same key. It seems like I have a few options, all of which involve procuring a new key fob:

1) Buy a new key, VCM, BCM, and BMS (did I miss anything?) from the same car.

2) Find someone with the Infinity/Nissan Consult III Plus who can reprogram everything together.

3) Bring the necessary components to a dealership and have them stare at me while I explain my situation.

4) Buy the Consult III Plus...

1 and 4 are rather expensive, 3 seems like it wouldn't be fruitful...Any viable options besides 2?

How do I go about 2? Independent Nissan shop?? Open a thread for anyone in the SoCal area...?


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