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Re: 2013 S Not Charging at Some Stations

Wed Nov 13, 2013 12:14 pm

Sorry for not responding quickly, I thought all had seen the notice about the firmware upgrade from Eaton.
My workaround seems to work for about 10 cycles of the error light, then the Eaton EVSE goes into maintenance error at my local station(noted also in the Eaton manual). I have my home EVSE now, and haven't been to the offending stations in quite a while to check on the firmware update. I did call the owner of the machines to get the ball rolling, but since it is a local government agency, I have sincere doubts that it will be followed through on.
If you are still having problems with your local EVSE, I recommend contacting the owner (I used the contact info on plugshare to get the phone no) and asking that the update be performed. To my knowledge, it is free to them, but may be dependent on warrantee status.

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Re: 2013 S Not Charging at Some Stations

Wed Jul 25, 2018 7:42 am

The workaround joewaters posted sometimes works successfully for me (2018 Leaf) on the Eaton EVSEs but at other times it makes the EVSE display the wrench icon or the car's dash lights do nothing. So it seems to be random on whether the hack will work, so hopefully don't get into a situation where the Eaton brand is your only option and you're low on battery!

The station owner tried to do a firmware update a year or so ago but it apparently completely broke the first EVSE they attempted to update so they didn't try on the other 3 EVSEs. It pretty frustrating that this is a known problem with the Leaf and Nissan is not fixing it! Nissan needs to make customers aware of this issue *before* purchase! Even though I really like the car, I probably would not have purchased it had I known this problem exists since Eaton EVSEs are popular in my region at the free public charging stations (including the one at my work).

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