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Re: The Battery Replacement Thread

Mon Feb 12, 2018 1:08 am

I checked Leafspy today for the first time since getting the new battery installed.

I've driven the car about 2200 miles since the replacement and my stats have improved from when I first picked the car up.

AHr 66.52 (65.47 before)
SOH 100% (100% before)
Hx 102.17% (100.30% before)

I've been babying the battery since getting the replacement by primarily charging to 80%, never letting the car sit at 100% if I need to fully charge, and almost never using the bottom 20% of the charge.

Even though it's cool out I had expected to have the SOH begin deteriorating immediately. Since my Model 3 SR is delayed we'll see how this car holds out during the summer if I decide to pass on the '18 Leaf.
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