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Cell Voltage Loss Inspection test (cell-pair test), P33E6

Fri Mar 07, 2014 6:47 am

In the 2013 repair manual, pages EVB160-EVB164 describe the work to do in the event of error code P33E6 (Cell Controller). Steps 3-5 include the CVLI test which instructs that the minimum cell voltage must be 3,712mV or less for the test to be valid and that the proper condition of the test is that the battery must be discharged down to 2 segments or less. The CVLI test has already been discussed in previous threads.

My question is what causes error code P33E6? If you read the repair manual strickly, an out of balance cell module may only need to be replaced if error code P33E6 is registered.

Has anyone had the P33E6 error code?

Does this error code need to be specifically requested? OR is it automatically stored somewhere so that when they "scan for error codes" it can be found.

In the manual it says:
Perform DTC confirmation procedure.
With Consult
1. Turn power switch ON and wait for 10 seconds or more.
2. Select "Self Diagnostic Result" of "HV BAT".
3. Check DTC.
Is P33E6 detected?
YES >> continue to EVB-160 diagnosis procedure which includes the CVLI test.

Is this what the dealer is doing when they 'scan for error codes', or is this a more in-depth error-code check?

Also, the DTC detecting condition for P33E6 is "With the power switch ON and no load condition, the difference between the maximum voltage and minimum voltage exceeds the allowable range."
What is that allowable range? This seems to imply something other than the cell judgement value which is used in the CVLI test. The only specs I can find in the manual is that at a total voltage of 317V, the cell modules should be "approx. 3,200-3,400 mV", and at a total voltage of 393 V, the cell modules should be "approx. 4,000-4,200 mV". These specs are odd because they imply the same voltage range at full charge and at empty, which is clearly not what most people observe. At 317 V (usually 7 GIDs), my module's voltage range is
3092-3376 mV
3055-3350 mV
3012-3353 mV
3013-3334 mV
3058-3327 mV
3008-3326 mV
Depending on what "approximately" means, these should have all triggered the error code, but my dealer says they get nothing when they scan for error codes.

One other question, Has anyone ever had a cell module replaced? I've heard of the people who were contacted by Nissan for this to be done, but does anyone have more of a first-hand knowledge of this being done? I'd like to know the conditions.

Thanks in advance! Maybe we can all help to improve on Nissan's diagnostics.

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Re: Cell Voltage Loss Inspection test (cell-pair test), P33E

Wed Mar 12, 2014 9:58 pm

Wow, so just to be sure. If anyone has had their car register this error code, P33E6. PLEASE post your experience and the outcome.

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Re: Cell Voltage Loss Inspection test (cell-pair test), P33E6

Wed Oct 03, 2018 1:59 am

I've got the P33E6 code on my env200 (MY15, 61000 km), as seen on Leaf Spy Pro. Booked service on Monday, we'll see how it goes.

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Re: Cell Voltage Loss Inspection test (cell-pair test), P33E6

Sun Feb 10, 2019 4:50 pm

What was the outcome?
I've seen this code on a battery too, also i can see one particular cell gets very low under load.... as low as 2.2-2.4v (30kwh bms updated). Some other weak cells are identified too.

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Re: Cell Voltage Loss Inspection test (cell-pair test), P33E6

Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:35 am

I have replaced cells on my own. Here is a writeup if you are interested:

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