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Re: 2013-2014 bar losers and capacity losses

Fri Mar 30, 2018 11:02 am

In Europe, the time vehicle spent in service is not counted in warranty. Some people had their vehicle spend more than half a year in the shop waiting for parts. Warranty halts for that time.
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Re: 2013-2014 bar losers and capacity losses

Sat Mar 31, 2018 9:46 am

Valdemar wrote:
SeasonsAfter wrote:Check out the comments at the end this article. Good information from other Leaf owners. I am glad my old 24 kwh pack isn't degrading as much as the newer packs... ... -kwh-pack/

Let’s hope Nissan has rectified this with the new 40-kWh LEAF

What can really magically change? The Lizard pack was just a marginal improvement if any at all given they changed capacity bar loss points. The 30 kWh pack is a total disaster. Is the 40 kWh pack any better? Who knows, I'll check in after 2 years.

One thing is clear and that is Nissan did make changes in BMS to address degradation and yeah, A LOT of complaining about charge rate slowdowns which is a bit funny since the rates of the 40 kwh LEAF now matches the rates of the TMS enabled Chevy Bolt.

Oh wait! That isn't true... One thing that the LEAF does is bases its charge rate on starting conditions of the battery so you can start a charge with pack temps below 100º and still get well over 40 KW at SOC below 60%.

I watched a Bolt charging at 130 amps on EVGO at Tacoma Mall which was cool but then the Bolt hit like 55% and the charge rate dropped to 23 KW... Didn't really see it happen. It was 130 amps, I was talking to someone else and just happened to glance back at the station and it was at 62 amps, all in less than 2-3 minutes.

I thought WTF!! I initially blamed it on EVGO and their per minute money grab pricing scheme but seems that is just how Bolts charge?
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Re: 2013-2014 bar losers and capacity losses

Sat Mar 31, 2018 10:27 am

Tell that to the Goofs on the forum who have been spouting for years that quick charging does not affect battery life.
Oh, wait ... never mind :lol:
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Re: 2013-2014 bar losers and capacity losses

Sat May 12, 2018 10:56 am

bwatl wrote:
bwatl wrote:I bought a used 2013 Leaf SL with a build date of March 2013. It had 10,584 miles when I purchased it in October 2016. I lost the first capacity bar about a month after purchase with 12,576 miles. I lost the 2nd bar on June 14, 2017 with 22,455 miles. I just recently lost the 3rd capacity bar around 28,300 miles in November 2017. What date will Nissan use for the battery warranty? According to the Carfax report, it arrived to a dealer in Grapevine, TX on March 26, 2013 and was sold to the first owner on May 28, 2013. Do I have until the end of May 2018 to hopefully lose the 4th bar?

Current Leaf Spy readings:
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Hx= 64.72%
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Still hoping for that 4th bar drop. Being unseasonably cold in ATL isn't helping. I also lost a month of driving when my Leaf was damaged at the dealership and it took them a month to fix. it. :evil: I still have until the end of May. Currently stats:

AHr - 45.63
SOH - 69%
Hx - 63.09%
45 QCs
31322 L1/L2s
32,662 miles

It's not pleasant to see the numbers increase sometimes.....

Ahr - 46.92
SOH - 71%
HX - 65.04%
45 QCs
3147 L1/L2s
32,885 miles

A little over 2 weeks left, still waiting for the 4th bar.

Ahr - 42.63
SOH - 65.24%
Hx - 57.14%
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