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Re: Rusting bolt on front suspension strut - potential safety issue

Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:51 pm

i'll throw my 2 cents in. yesterday i looked and my drivers side had water in it and a bit of corrosion. my solution was to glue a 4.5" diameter plastic plate over the top with RTV to keep water out of any area of the shock tower. this mounts at an angle so the water just runs off into the rain drain that is around the shock tower anyway.

i had a sheet of about 1/16 plastic sitting around which is stiff enough to hold shape on it's own and i used metal shears to cut a 4.5" disc for driver and passenger side. i first sprayed the nut/stud down with some rustoleum paint to keep existing corrossion at bay.


should keep water out of the whole area as long as it doesn't pop off on it's own.
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