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A difference in recommended lug nut torque?

Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:02 am

OK, on the 2011 LEAF it is stated as 80 lb.-ft.
(Well, actually the Owner's Manual lists the units incorrectly as ft-lb, but that's another debate discussed here: )

Now, it seems the more recent year LEAFs have wheel lug nut torque listed as 83 lb.-ft.

It is less than 5% difference, and probably in the larger scheme of things insignificant, but I'm just wondering what was the reasoning for somebody at Nissan to look and say, "Hey, we need to increase the lug nut torque by 3 lb.-ft.!!" I thought the newer LEAFs were actually lighter, so weight shouldn't be part of the equation.

And finally, has there been an updated recommendation by Nissan for earlier LEAFs to increase the wheel lug nut torque to 83 lb.-ft.?

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Re: A difference in recommended lug nut torque?

Thu Jul 20, 2017 3:39 pm

Relax. It doesn't matter.

The right way to think of this is that they double checked the calculations as part of the redesign and got basically the same answer. I'd say anywhere from 75 to 90 is fine. (your torque wrench isn't that accurate anyway, and the amount of lubrication and condition of the thread has a huge impact on how much preload is generated from a given torque)

Note: Do NOT oil the threads or the wheel, but if they are rough, you should clean up the load bearing surfaces. Lightly damaged threads can be repaired with a fine triangle file or thread cutting die. (If it's badly damaged, or you doubt them for any reason, have the stud replaced)

The main thing is that you bothered to look up the specs and actually use a torque wrench, instead of letting some goon with an impact drive shear the studs off!

I'll set my torque wrench to 85.

Thanks for looking up the numbers for me. :-)


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