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A difference in recommended lug nut torque?

Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:02 am

OK, on the 2011 LEAF it is stated as 80 lb.-ft.
(Well, actually the Owner's Manual lists the units incorrectly as ft-lb, but that's another debate discussed here: )

Now, it seems the more recent year LEAFs have wheel lug nut torque listed as 83 lb.-ft.

It is less than 5% difference, and probably in the larger scheme of things insignificant, but I'm just wondering what was the reasoning for somebody at Nissan to look and say, "Hey, we need to increase the lug nut torque by 3 lb.-ft.!!" I thought the newer LEAFs were actually lighter, so weight shouldn't be part of the equation.

And finally, has there been an updated recommendation by Nissan for earlier LEAFs to increase the wheel lug nut torque to 83 lb.-ft.?

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