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Re: Sudden turtle at 55% SOC -2F

Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:57 pm

powersurge wrote:The dash picture does not make sense in the fact that the dash gives 91% charge, with only 63 miles range on the GOM.

On a new car with only 3K miles, it looks like the car is measuring a lot lower capacity than the % gauge indicates.

Right now, my dash shows 98% SOC. With the heater and fan off, the GOM says 100 miles. If I turn on the heater + defrost, GOM changes to 74 miles. Fiddling with the fan speed, temperature, or adding rear defrost does not change the 74 mile GOM at all. But if I shut-off the heater, GOM goes right back up to 100. So it looks like there is a 26% reduction in GOM, purely from hitting the Defrost button.

Also, this reduction doesn't change with ambient temp:
- last week: -2F, 74 mile GOM, 98% SOC = .6923 miles per SOC%.
- today: 28F, 63 mile GOM, 91% SOC = .6923 miles per SOC%.
...so the GOM's reduction is identical (to several decimal places!) regardless of whether the ambient temp is 28F or -2F, and whether the cabin is set to 60F or to 90F. As usual, the GOM algorithm appears to be simplistic/stupid.

So I think the picture showing 63 miles GOM at 91% is "normal" for my 2017 S. Does anyone else have an S, and wants to report how much their GOM changes when Defrost is turned-on? It may be that the 2017 GOM is different (more pessimistic).

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