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Re: Manual start with dead key fob does not work

Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:28 am

You could try taking it to the dealer. Explain the problem, and see if you can get them to re-do the pairing process to see if it fixes the problem. Both FOBs need to be there when the pairing is done. They may want to charge you to do the pairing. If so, I would get another FOB and have them pair all three at once. See what they charge for a FOB, and if they have any issues with you providing your own. There are dealers that will sell a new FOB for around $100, and you can buy them on Ebay and Amazon. Be sure to get a blank key with it. Dealers typically charge around $300 to provide a brand-new FOB, cut the key, and do the pairing procedure. Sometimes you can get them to do the pairing for just the labor charge (around $80 - $100), if you provide the FOBs.
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