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Mechanical Key RFID?

Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:50 pm

So, I managed to lose my mechanical key from my fob last night. I have never used it for any reason. I talked to Nissan and they tell me that the mechanical key is RFID chipped an would cost $35.00 for the key and $75.00 for the programming. The thing is, my other Key fob has a mechanical key and other than get me in the door, it seems to do nothing in terms of starting the car. So I am questioning the chipped aspect of the mechanical key. I see many replacement mechanical key blanks on things like Amazon and Ebay for considerably less $$$. Most of them seem not to indicate that they are not chipped. So I guess the real question is whether or not the "mechanical" key is more than just a mechanical key. For example, if a non chipped replacement were to be used, with the door not open?

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