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TPMS , no display

Wed Oct 17, 2018 12:43 pm

Had car at dealer this week, he did a TCU reset, and Factory Tire Service, don’t know what the latter means, probably adjusted air pressure. I have driven car for over 40 miles since, hoping for a reset.
I used to be able to see on the display the pressure of all 4 tires, now there is nothing on the display when I go through the modes.
I do not have any lights or cautions on the display, just cannot see air pressure of the 4 tires in the display.
Any thoughts or help with this?

Edit: I looked at the manual, for “Customize Display “, Tire Pressures is supposed to be an option, it is not listed. Page 2-31 of 2018 Owner’s Manual.
2018 Gun Metallic Gray, SL, Technology Package, etc.

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