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Re: Why did my car stop charging?

Sun Nov 06, 2011 3:35 pm

garygid wrote:That button turns your LEAF's Charging Timers OFF (only for about 5 minutes),
giving you time to plug in and start charging immediately to 100%.

I would think the better and more useful thing for "timer override" to do would be to disable the timers until the next time the car is started / driven. That way you get auto-reclosure if there's a power drop, or if someone moves the plug and then plugs it back in.

My other question is: why does the 80% thing have anything to do with timers? Shouldn't the maximum charge completely independent of when to do it? Let's say I want to plug into a public charger at some random time and charge to 80%. Why should I have to fool with a timer to do so.

If they really wanted to do it with convenience of the driver in mind. maybe they could add the GPS position into the timer's memory. Most drivers probably want timed charging mainly at home and possibly at work, but want timer override elsewhere. If you could program a location along with the charging schedule, it would eliminate much of the hassle by making the timer control vs override automatic.

Seems to me the LEAF's current charging timer system is many no-charge accidents waiting to happen. This is why I will probably shy away from use of the LEAFs timers. Maybe they could address some of this in an upcoming firmware release...

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