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Re: Was climate control designed by Apple?

Tue Nov 01, 2011 8:22 pm

I have admit that I am starting to get along with the LEAF's CC. (Please
don't throw tomatoes! :o )

If I want a little heat I just punch AUTO, set the temp, and turn the AC off.
It seems to do a good job maintaining comfort. If the window fogs, I punch
the top defrost and maybe crank up the fan, and the window is clear in very
short order. The defogger is much more efficient than either of my ICE vehicles.
(I often get in the car with damp clothing.)

I do wish that there was a HEAT button, like the AC button, so that I could turn
off the heater when I just want ventilation though.

(A little bird told me that the LEAF runs a version of Windoz.)
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