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Failure to charge, check engine light

Thu Nov 03, 2011 8:46 pm

I've been wanting to post on this to see what people though of it. It actually happened a few weeks ago after I just go the car. I was charging at work. I plugged in, the car was on an "all day timer" to 80%. The charging lights did their thing as well as the beep series, as normal.

I get back in the car 7 hours later and it turns out that my car wasn't charged at all. Additionally I had a check engine light when I turned the car on. I shut it off, plugged the charger back in, let it charge for 30 min so I could get home, and that worked just fine. The check engine light went away. I called the dealer but all they were able to tell me was to bring it in. Since it's kind of a time sink to do that I didn't bother and haven't had any problems since. But I wonder what would cause a failed charge AND a check engine light. Any ideas? The EVSE was a Coulomb Charge Point.

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