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Re: Early Capacity Losses-Was(Lost a bar...down to 11)

Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:48 pm

As of this morning 26 March 2018 we lost the 4th bar. We sit at 43.47Ahr, 66.27%SOH and Hx44.14, 57,232 miles. 5309 L1/L2 and 9 DCQC charges.

palmermd wrote:As of this morning September 15, 2016 we lost our third bar. We now sit at 47.49Ahr, 72%SOH and Hx 51.78, 48,960 miles 4585 L1/L2 and 3 DCQC charges.

palmermd wrote:As of August 1st 2015 we lost our second bar. We now sit at 51.51Ahr, 78%SOH and Hx 60.23%, 37,016 miles, 3245 L1/L2 charges and 0 DCQC charges.

palmermd wrote:... As of today, 1st of June 2014 we have 54.91Ahr SOH 83% and Hx 68.63%, 25,382 miles, 1890 L1/L2 charges and 0 DCQC charges. ...

This seemed to take a bit longer, but we are driving less than before. Seems like miles is a larger impact than time. Fortunately, my drive to work is just 8 miles. I never had a regular commute with the car when we were living in Sacramento. I now drive the same route almost every day to and from work. Every day I start the car and have low 60's as a guess for range. I get home every evening and the car is at about mid twenties for remaining range. So a surface street easy drive 16 miles round trip uses 35 to 40 miles of guesstimate. It also reduces from 12 bars to 4-5 bars of capacity (usually 5). It is enough that I can't make the trip twice without charging. But as a work commuter that I own, it works just fine for now. But it will be replaced with a standard range Model 3 once they start producing them. I'm in no hurry, and I have been invited to configure if I wanted the long range pack, but I'll keep waiting.

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Re: Capacity Loss on 2011-2012 LEAFs

Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:07 am

Apologies for the off-topic...

SageBrush wrote:NIce information, but regarding the Google Docs chart ...

How do you get a scale on both sides of the graph ? I've wanted that for a long time.

Also, I'm not able to open the interactive link.

Regarding the scale on both sides: In the Chart editor, under the CUSTOMIZE tab and "Chart & axis titles", the Type pulldown has an option of "Right vertical axis title" - that's where to put the title text. The axis itself is in the "Right vertical axis" pulldown under the CUSTOMIZE tab. (Note: I developed the chart using the old Chart Editor, so I have no direct experience with the above. YMMV :? )

Regarding the link: Try this one (not sure why the original went bad, hoping this one will keep working): ... nteractive
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Per LEAF Spy as of 06/26/18: 11 bars, 222 GIDs, 53.4 AHr on new (04/30/15) Lizard battery (1st bar lost 12/22/17)
Orig. battery lost 4th bar at 177 GIDs, 43.19 AHr, 44.74 Hx, 65% SOH after 45 months

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Re: Capacity Loss on 2011-2012 LEAFs

Fri May 04, 2018 11:01 am

RegGuheert on August 28, 2017 wrote:Let's see if the rate of capacity loss is increasing or decreasing:

1st Bar: 4/6/2015 - 24,496 miles - 54.01 Ah
2nd Bar: 6/11/2016 - 33,691 miles - 51.24 Ah
3rd Bar: 8/25/2017 - 46,100 miles - 47.47 Ah

1st-2nd Bar: 431 days/bar - 9,195 miles/bar - 2.77 Ah/bar = 155 days/Ah = 3319 miles/Ah
2nd-3rd Bar: 440 days/bar - 12,409 miles/bar - 3.77 Ah/bar = 116 days/Ah = 3291 miles/Ah
We haven't dropped our ninth bar, yet, but I thought I would take a look at what has happened over the last eight months. Here is the latest reading:

Date: May 3, 2018
ODO: 54,629 miles
AHr: 46.02 Ah
SOH: 70.15%
Hx: 48.18%

1st-2nd Bar: 431 days/bar - 9,195 miles/bar - 2.77 Ah/bar = 155 days/Ah = 3319 miles/Ah
2nd-3rd Bar: 440 days/bar - 12,409 miles/bar - 3.77 Ah/bar = 116 days/Ah = 3291 miles/Ah
3rd Bar-Now: ?? days/bar - ?? miles/bar - ?? Ah/bar = 171 days/Ah = 5882 miles/Ah

Of course it is normal to lose less capacity over the winter than over the summer. As such, I expect these numbers to turn completely around now that it has gotten hot. We'll see how things look when that next bar drops.

With the current battery conditions and now that the weather has gotten warm, my wife returns home from her 49-mile commute with about 35% SOC in the battery. Come next winter, she will have more days when she takes the hybrid rather than the LEAF to make her commute -- maybe 30 or more.
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