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Re: Capacity bar disappears, then reappears

Sun Aug 26, 2012 5:19 pm

philaphonic wrote:My capacity bar loss appears to be permanent now. I'll be reporting this as suggested in the wiki soon and making an entry in the spreadsheet.

Also, on Friday, I managed to drive 64 miles with remaining miles on the GOM of 7. Dash reported efficiency of 4.5 m/kwh.
Sorry about the loss of a bar.

Assuming you started from 100% and also assuming you were right at LBW since you saw 7 on the GOM, I calculate about 14.2 kWh consumed between 100% and LBW. Adding 3.4 kWh available after LBW gives usable capacity of 17.6 kWh. That is about 84% of the 21 kWH usable many have seen with new LEAFs. While my calculation is very approximate due to the assumptions made, the result comes out pretty close to the 15% capacity drop Nissan assigns to the first bar.
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Re: Capacity bar disappears, then reappears

Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:10 pm

I was going to start a thread if it was wasn't already started. I bought my 2015 Leaf SL October of 2017 with 12 bars.

A few months later it went to 11 bars bummer. Today I aftet full charge from about 14% I'm now showing 12 bars, first timeme in 6 months.

It's middle of summer and it's high 80s. So the cold temperature theory might be true.

I haven't used my Leaf Spy App in a long time, but the numbers work consistent with something about 11 bars. I'm going to have to plug in Leaf Spy and see what it's saying now.

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Re: Capacity bar disappears, then reappears

Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:51 am

My average SOH increased about 2% (from 92.5% to 94.5%) between the winter and summer. This is a 2017S FWIW. The temperature of the battery certainly affects capacity and while one would hope the BMS accounts for that in its SOH guestimate, perhaps the firmware is less accurate than that. Or maybe there are other reasons. Now after my 'firmware update' the SOH shows 97.5%.

Bottom line is no one has the source code so we're all just guessing about what's in the black box that is ithe BMS. I've learned to not fret over it and just drive the car. Que sera, sera.

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