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Re: Post Your Battery Degradation Results

Thu Sep 06, 2018 6:49 am

marcelg wrote:
MrNicG wrote:
WetEV wrote:
Where are you located? What is the local climate like? What kind of driving do you do? What kind of charging?

I live in central Florida. The average temp in my area is about 85 degrees. Humidity is normally high. I normally drive fairly conservatively. My commute is 10 miles each way, with a top speed of about 45MPH. It is almost an equal mix of back streets, going 35 and boulevard going 45. According to LeafSpy, the SOH seems to only drop when it is parked, or perhaps when it is started after being parked. I charge with the stock Level 1 EVSE.
I started using a trickle charger for the 12v when the car is parked and I am going to monitor that for a while and see if it helps. Also, I was wondering if the method of starting the car makes any difference, so instead of single press to start, I am pressing once to power up and then pressing the second time to switch into Go mode.

Do you regularly charge the vehicle over 80%? From what I've read, high temps + high state of charge is a primary cause of accelerated degradation. Batteries that are kept between 20-80% get many more cycles than those that are used 10-100%.

I almost always charge it to 80%. I'm not really sure it matters though. I think it's sort of a futile effort. While it does cool down a bit at night in my region, the daytime highs of 90-95 right now are probably just killing it during the day. We have a multilevel garage at work and it keeps things a lot cooler during the day. My battery sensors normally hover around 84, which may still not be good enough to keep the degradation at bay.

Does anyone know if Nissan gives you any money off the new battery if your old battery still has some life left?

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