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Re: Post Your Battery Degradation Results

Sat Oct 28, 2017 2:06 pm

Just noticed the 4th bar has gone. Not sure how to tell the precise date and time. I stopped using the LeapSpy Pro regularly a while back.

AHr 43.13
SOH 65%
ODO 60,264 Mi
HX 44.6%
Delivery date 8/26/2011

Short historical AHr:
Aug 2017 43.8
Jan 2017 46.0
Aug 2016 46.4

I'm out of capacity warranty by 14 months and about 300 miles but i called Nissan earlier today and left a message. Hopefully i can get some assistance. Any tips on how to deal with Nissan would be appreciated.
2011 Leaf SL - etec, delivery 8/26/2011
Lost first CB at 33,204 miles, 26 months on 10/27/2013
Lost second CB at 46,750 miles, 36 months on 12/6/2014

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Re: Post Your Battery Degradation Results

Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:28 pm

I think now is the right time to report my results.
Today I passed 100 000km mark (62k miles) with my 2014 EU Leaf.
104 QC sessions (doesn't actually matter, trust me) and...
93% SOH 93,7% Hx (Hx always leads, SOH follows).
Even though numbers almost went down to 91% in summer, they came back, as the
always do (same last summer), right before BMS halts the calculation (no refresh below 15*C).
So I'm stuck with that number likely for the whole winter. In summer, it constantly
jumps up and down. It usually drops if SOC is cycled between 20-80% and if it
drifts off, it returns REALLY FAST after one long QC session or one deep cycle (2,6-2,8V up to 4.14V).
3% difference (both SOH and Hx) within 100km noticed this summer.

Due to climate, 98% probability that battery is between -5C up to +35C (3-6 bars).
Always charged to 80%. Often discharged below VLBW. Rarely charged above 90%.
Immediately charging after commute ends.
Third of commutes use 15% of battery, another third 70%. (+10% for both in winter).
I do not want to hear recommendations. Results speak for themselves.

So I really lost around 2kWh of capacity. And regen availability is compromised
when battery is below +5C and SOC above 80% simultaneously (less than 25kW).
When pack was newer, regen limit usually kicked in below 0C and above 85%.
In summer (5-6 temp bars), regen is always all bubbles below 95% SOC.
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