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Re: First Capacity Bar Loss And What To Expect

Thu Mar 15, 2018 9:42 pm

kindred wrote:I own a 2017 Leaf S, I saw my first bar drop within the first year of ownership at 18,875 miles. It was very depressing when I saw that, at that rate within 3 more years I wouldn't be able to take this car to work and back round trip on a full charge. My round trip to work and back is 75 miles.

Should i be concerned about the rapid battery capacity loss?

Of course you should be concerned. Perhaps you are asking what you can do to slow degradation ?

1. Avoid leaving the car at 100% SOC. In general ,try to drive soon after charging
2. Avoid parking on hot black asphalt
3. Avoid parking in hot garages

When the car loses its 4rth capacity bar, take it to Nissan for warranty replacement.
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