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Re: Nissan Leaf TCU 3g Upgrade/Replacement

Mon Mar 06, 2017 11:08 pm

alozzy wrote:@tszukow, do you mind posting here:


There are a bunch of Canadian owners of US Leafs in the same situation who would appreciate the details of how you talked a Surrey dealer to do the TCU copay replacement.


I took mine in to Jonker as well, they said the same thing. Took down my info on the TCU, ordered the new part, told me about the $200 cnd charge..
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Re: Nissan Leaf TCU 3g Upgrade/Replacement

Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:58 pm

Bought a 2012 Leaf in October of 2016. Used the Carwings/Remote Connect 'til it died. I thought it was a great feature.

Therefore, I went for the Upgrade on March 2 of this year. The tech said he didn't have time to spend waiting on the unit to "RE-Sync" or something like that, and told me that if it doesn't start working by itself in 24 hours, "call the support people".

I've had a ticket with them since MARCH 8, it's not working yet, THE ONLY FOLKS I CAN TALK TO is the TIER 1 Support folks. I've complained and moaned for the longest, but it's just not getting fixed. I would sure like to talk to someone who can see what it's doing when I attempt to use it, rather that someone at the support level of "Is it plugged in?"

Do any of you guys have a specific place I could contact for an EXECUTIVE COMPLAINT on this matter?

I've kinda had it.

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