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Re: Extending range of 24kWh Leaf with LeafBox

Sat Apr 29, 2017 4:47 am

Kris1 wrote:Did I read correctly a few posts back Piro? You have a solution to running 30kwh pack in 2012 model leaf? If so can you provide further details?

IIRC he was talking about using LeafBox with the 30kwh Leaf.
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Re: Extending range of 24kWh Leaf with LeafBox

Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:38 pm

Well, I'm still curious what the max distance-to-turtle i'll get buying this box

I have JDM Nissan Leaf S 2014. AHr=66,4. Good battery is the one reason i don't want trade this car on 30kWt SV with SOH=90%

In fact i had never meet "turtle". Moscow roads are flat. Roads jams at morning and get free at the deep evening. So cruising in ECO at 40-60 kmh from one to the next traffic light and then driving 90-110 kmh on my way home i can get 155 kms till i meet "---". One time i asked my dad drive this car, and he was new with right-side drivewheel car he drove 80 kmh and passed 150 km on 88%.

So what i can expect with this device in summer's 20'C?

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