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Re: So, owners what range are you getting ?

Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:32 pm

wlegro wrote:Well, we have to sell it, and given what I've seen of the resale value, we could never get back that $6,000. It's a conundrum - a $37,000 car (minus the tax credit and rebate) that's only 5 years old, and we're looking at having to sell it for what? $2,000 if we're lucky? Who would want such a car? We wish we could keep it, but we simply don't have room, and we can't add on to the carport - and besides it would a constant shuffle of cars parked behind each other.

Hmmm...maybe we could donate it to NPR...

If it is only 5 years old, does it still qualify for the capacity warranty? You might be able to get a new battery in it and then the range will jump back up, as will the value.

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