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Re: So, owners what range are you getting ?

Fri Feb 24, 2017 9:13 am

when my SOC reads 56% with an average of 4.3 miles/Kwh my range shows 50 miles in warm weather. If I calculate the range I get 57 miles. Does this tell me anything about my battery condition? Dash is showing 12 bars still on my 2013 leaf with 39,000 miles.
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Re: So, owners what range are you getting ?

Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:34 pm

2012 bought last year with 30,000+ miles from Duarte Nissan in Duarte, CA. $9,100.00 cash. 10/12 bars. GOM usually says 64-82 miles charged. 40 mile range on freeway. Don't use the air or the heater EVER. Have had to use the seat and steering wheel warmer to be able to drive-fingers were stiff from the cold.... Gonna be long hot summer here is So Cal. 60 mile range on streets MOST of the time. Have gotten down to just lines more times than I can count. But still haven't had to call a tow truck. I took it in because I couldn't get anywhere-they had it for a week and told me that I can get the mileage if I baby it? What 35 on the fwy? I'm driving 55 on the fwy with people honking at me and giving me the finger.
Have been lied to by Nissan from day one. The Nissan EV dept. says I don't own the car and that I have to prove it?? Was given a charger with the car that I couldn't plug in at my place... Was told that I could charge for free at Nissan dealers... Salesman said it would get 80-100 miles...
Was in downtown LA when I found out that my Carwings didn't work anymore... Have to rent a car about once a month to get where I need to go...
Didn't know one thing about electric cars--well that has changed! I still like my little Leaf-but probably would not have bought it if I had been told the truth about the vehicle. It's been an experience.
On the plus side, now I buy and sell EV chargers so am making a little $ on the side-one of the first things I learned was that you need a back-up charger-and so does every other EV owner. And the zero emissons of course. :D
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Re: So, owners what range are you getting ?

Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:11 pm

Don't use the air or the heater EVER.

You should be able to use the A/C, with the temp set up around 78F and the fan on Low or 2. All Leafs of all years have minimal range loss with A/C use. Your heater is another matter: if you don't already have a Heat Off switch installed, you need one.
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Re: So, owners what range are you getting ?

Wed May 17, 2017 6:48 am

I have a 2014 S with ~86% SOH and 16,000 miles. Purchased it two months ago.

For the most part my range is pretty much as estimated/marketed, which is 0.86 X 84miles = 72 miles in South Florida I use the AC in the afternoons (set at 74F), and generally don't try too hard to conserve energy. I'm a natural feather-foot though, so that helps.

My daily commute is 42 miles round trip - with ~15 miles between 55-70mph, 10 miles between 35-55mph, and the rest above 70mph on the freeway. Takes exactly 60% charge to do this.

When I bought the car I had to drive it 60 miles back home on the freeway. I got behind a truck and stuck to the speed limit. Made it home with around 7% battery left. That was a stressful introduction to range anxiety.

On a trip this week I drove 44 miles of mixed speeds btwn 35-55mph on exactly 51% charge. I only had 60% to start out, so I really watched my acceleration and kept the AC off.

Weekend around town driving (<45 mph) can easily yield greater than 100 miles and > 5 miles per kWhr if I use simple hypermiling techniques that allowed me to get 40mpg or better on my old saturn. I usually don't worry about it unless I'm challenging myself, though. The car's too fun to drive.

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