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Bluetooth Audio - Occasional Skipping Backwards

Tue Oct 03, 2017 1:44 pm

2012 Leaf SV connected to Oneplus 5 using Google Play Music.

This is probably a stab in the dark and likely related to the phone, but I'll post it anyway in case anyone has suggestions. I have a relatively new OnePlus 5 (great phone!) and a relatively new (to me) 2012 Leaf SV. I normally use Android Auto in my Civic and haven't experienced this issue, but that is wired in.

Frequently (maybe 5%-10% of the time) while listening to a song (maybe halfway through it), Google Play thinks I pressed the "previous track" button and restarts the song. Sometimes, in fact, it thinks I did it twice and goes back to the song before it.

Has anyone experienced this before? I don't know if its Google or OnePlus or the Leaf, but its just irritating enough to be annoying :)
2012 Leaf SV w/ 35k miles

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