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Re: Aeromod nissan leaf improved aerodynamics increased range

Fri Mar 23, 2018 8:27 am

Good on you
Ruby now lives in Finland braving the -25 c winters.
My wife loves the no idle warmup time at these extreme cold temperatures of our EV.

She starts her coffee, texts the car to heat the cabin, makes her meals, grabs her coffee and its just press the on button and go no engine warm up time needed or hard grinding cold starts...

The performance of an electric car is the same, even on the surface of the moon.

I love the no maintenance in such cold...

Aero mods help immensely with such color dense air.

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Re: Aeromod nissan leaf improved aerodynamics increased range

Sun May 27, 2018 2:14 am

I've done some long-range tests with the wheel covers:

This wasn't an A-B-A test so I can't give good error bars. However, the difference in consumption with previous runs in similar weather and wind conditions is so large that I have to conclude the wheel covers indeed help at least 5%. This is continuously confirmed with another 200km run yesterday that averaged 120Wh/km with air conditioning and sligthly faster/more city driving.

I'm still continuing with more mods until the car consistently consumes less than 100Wh/km. If wheel covers already improve consumption by 5+%, it should be almost trivial to get there. Don't even need to go full retard and tape over all the seams or build a boattail.

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