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Re: WOLO Horn Mod - Beware, Loud and CHEEEEP

Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:42 am

garsh wrote:
AutoHaulersinc wrote:guys seriously. this is your vehicles horn we are talking about. Are you really going to trust a HF unit that may work when you install it but maybe not when you need it???
It's just a horn. If it stops working, I'll replace it again.

I finally got around to installing the 2-tone Harbor Freight horn.
Well, AutoHaulersinc gets the last laugh. The cheap Harbor Freight horn stopped working a couple weeks ago.

This time I bought the Wolo (320-2T) Maxi Sound (under $20). They sound great, and they are much louder than the Harbor Freight horns. I think it sounds a bit louder than the stock horn in my Honda Odyssey, which has a pretty loud horn. Hopefully these will last.
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