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Re: Hacking the VSP Box (Noise Maker)

Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:13 pm

Oh, no, you are right. Sorry, I'm so used to everything center-dash related being completely different on the nav units. Might give it a try then. As ironmanco pointed out, it'd be nicer I think to keep the center-dash functionality untouched and use a button blank to the left of the steering wheel, but this is still an interesting option.

One thing that concerned me:

In this post: viewtopic.php?f=37&t=3296&start=340#p486624
Decimus wrote:WIRE SIZES:
Make sure the lead (wires) are 18 gauge or bigger. Or something that doesn't burn with a 10-Amp load. Small wires will burn, large wires will pop the fuse. Secondly, the wires have to be wrapped with electrical tape from head to toe, leaving no gaps. The one in the image above is already coated with gray insulation - that's good. This is to help with fire control.

It seems to be like if we're relying on the resistance of the wire to control the current ("large wires will pop the fuse"), that's just asking for trouble/possible fire. The maximum current should be controlled by a resistor, or some other device in the loop, not the wire gauge. Did I miss here as well?

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