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DIY: Sentra lighted mirror sun visor install

Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:30 pm

Hey Everyone, just got finished putting these lighted mirror sun visors in the leaf as the wife and I carpool and she sometimes does her makeup in the car while we commute. This was one of the first 'luxury' omissions i noticed on this SL trim car (in addition to a few more i hope to address later..). Surprisingly, the 2014 generation sentra comes with the same exact visors as our Leafs, but does have lighted visors on higher trim levels. i was able to snag a set off ebay for 70 bucks.

the first step is removing the little plastic covers on the sun visors, the trick i found there is use a small flathead to push down and back towards yourself, like in the picture below, as it is held on with 3 tabs.

then cut off the plugs on the sentra visors as i am simply crimping the wires on (this should never have to come off again, if it does, a new crimp is a few pennies.

next we pull down the center sun glasses holder / map light module. just get your fingers behind it and pull down, it will pop off.

the next step was a bit of a pain, routing wires to the visor attachment point was not as easy as i thought it would be, and in the end i had to run the wire right above the headliner, instead of in the open roof beam, because the roof beam is blocked between the center console and visor mount. doh. anyway, run two wires to both sides and connect them up with the visor wires (doesn't matter which is which in this case, but i ran red to white and black to black). The annoying part here is that the wire has to enter from the side of the mount where the visor attaches. There is a slightly extended cutout in the metal of the visor mount where you can slide the wires in without them pinching much. i still wrapped electrical tape as extra protection around it.

wire the visors up to the bigger of the two plugs in the map light cubby. The yellow wire on the right side of the plug is the constant 12V and the black wire is ground. I didn't take a closeup picture here but it should get the point across

clean it all up and wrap the crimps and wire bundle with electrical tape to make it neat and tuck it all back in there and you're done!

let me know if you have questions and i'll try to answer them.

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Re: DIY: Sentra lighted mirror sun visor install

Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:28 pm

Nice! Well done.
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