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Help with wiring schema for headlights

Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:13 pm

I have a 2012 leaf with LED headlights I want to put those LED headlights in my 2016 Leaf which does not have LED headlights I have already confirmed they will mechanically fit the fixtures are identical however they are not electrically identical

The LED lights have an 8 Pin plug 4 x 2 the incandescent lights have a 6-pin plug 3 by 2 the LED lights also have an additional 4 pin plug for the adjustment knob on the dash to control their angle I'm going to leave that alone for now and ignore it simply adjust them on the 2012 before I remove them and worry about wiring that up later if possible

What I need to know is the schema for those wiring plugs what do the eight pins do and what do the six pins do so that I can work out a possible conversion to connect them to each other even if I have to do it manually myself I don't mind I know the Can bus checks to turn signals or something does but those are dad are going shouldn't be a problem I don't know if it came by so freak out if it can't talk to the headlights right does anybody know this?

Where can I find an electrical diagram for the 8 Pin plug and the 6-pin plug is there a place where I can buy these plugs?

Schema for the 4-pin headlight adjustment plug would also be nice but not as critical right now
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Re: Help with wiring schema for headlights

Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:07 pm

dig here: ... nuals.html

cheers, post up what you find!

check the EXL section, for example 2013 leaf headlight info here: ... 20LEAF/EXL

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