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Aftermarket backup camera install gone wrong

Sun Jun 24, 2018 7:39 pm

After reading the how to's here, I finally decided with a friends help to install a backup camera in my 2013 SV. After many hours of checking and re-checking our connections, we've both come to the same conclusion; We don't know what went wrong!
I think it comes down to pin 56 on the M84 connection, and as I understand it that wire has to be cut and grounded so that the TCU knows that there is a camera and to switch to that screen when the car is put in reverse, so therefore even if the camera is not working it would still show a blank screen with the guide lines superimposed, correct? Pins 59 and 60 are the video feed and we took power from the backup lights.
So far, we have nothing. The camera is powering up, but we have no other monitor nearby to verify it is working.
We decided to put everything back together and revisit it on another day when we know what went wrong... :oops:
2013 Leaf SV
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