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Re: You know your key-fob battery is running low when... Part 2

Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:31 pm

arnis wrote:2032 is 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm in thickness. 2025 is 20mm in diameter and 2.5mm in thickness.
So the difference is 0,7mm. Metric system is that easy :)

I agree :) it's just the catalog I looked in only listed in inches :(
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Re: You know your key-fob battery is running low when... Part 2

Tue Jan 03, 2017 3:03 pm

jjeff wrote:... but again I'm not sure I'd advertise it as a positive match :)

It depends on the battery tolerance.

A made in China Sunbeam brand 2032 from Dollar Tree did NOT work in my 2011 fob.

I'll try Advance Auto 2025 at two for $4.

My current one is Harbor Freight 2025.

They are cheap but don't last very long.

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Re: You know your key-fob battery is running low when... Part 2

Tue Jan 03, 2017 5:41 pm

[quoteThu Dec 19, 2013 10:11 pm

CR2025 = Diameter: 20 mm. Thickness: 2.5 mm. Capacity: 160 mAh,
CR2032 = Diameter: 20 mm. Thickness: 3.2 mm. Capacity: 220 mAh

.7mm(a little less than 1/32 inch) difference in thickness and 60 more mAh, 38% more capacity to be correct. I'll take the chance!][/quote]

The above is from 3 years ago...Bought a card of 10 each CR2032 cells for $15 total three years ago; used one in my fob; here we are three years later and I just replace it again and I have 4 left; used the other five for other products and gave a few away. the CR2032 is a popular size that is used in remotes, backups in control devices, etc. A good quality cell has a self life of about 10 years and the CR2032 has worked fine and still is working fine in my FOB

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Re: You know your key-fob battery is running low when... Part 2

Thu Feb 02, 2017 8:17 am

I bought a dozen Sony CR2032 for less than ten bucks about a year ago. My electronic scale uses them and the shelf life is good, so I figured I'd get a bunch. Just replaced both fobs, they work great.
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Re: You know your key-fob battery is running low when... Part 2

Fri Jun 09, 2017 2:17 pm

As an update to this topic which got a little contentious early on in its life,

a 2032 battery fitted nicely in our 2012 fob and is working well.

As to earlier reports that a 2032 will not work in a 2011 fob - not sure why that would be. Doubtful that the fobs are any different.

I suppose manufacturing discrepancies of cheaper battery brands could be such that it may not be possible to snap the fob back together without losing the integrity of the -ve spring contact.

But more likely IMO is that assuming all purchased batteries in a pack are good enough to supply the required nominal 3V. A typical fresh 2032 will register 3.4V. It looks like anything below about 2.9V just won't work.
Whether it's old stock or a manufacturing defect I can certainly believe that a given 2032 might not work at all in a Leaf fob but appear to work ok in some other less sensitive 2032 application such as a light or even a timepiece.

If a 2011 Leaf owner has the ability to confirm a replacement battery has a healthy voltage reading and takes their time in carefully installing it I see no reason to discourage them from trying a 2032 instead of a 2025.
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Re: You know your key-fob battery is running low when... Part 2

Sun Jun 11, 2017 5:51 pm

mwalsh wrote:...your car lets you know:

That's 2.5 years on this fob battery. I've switched to the second fob for a while and have put the replacement on my to-do list.

I like it, good info.
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