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Workaround of Nissan Leaf`s US standard Radio Receiver problem + VIDEO

Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:51 am

It happens that almost all Leafs on Ukrainian market are used cars after leasing program from USA. Thanks you american friends!
So, we have problem with radio receiver because it can not be set to even frequency e.g. set it to 106FM is impossible.

Our local engineers propose hardware solution (change some chips in radio) costs about $100, but you can just use your smartphone and one cable to solve this problem.

1) Smartphone with Broadcasting (not online) Radio app
2) 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Aux Cable e.g. on Amazon
3) Your Nissan Leaf`s AUX in socket

1) Connect one end of cable to smartphone
2) Run broadcasting radio program on smartphone
(cable will work as antenna AND audio transmitter to Nissan audio system)
3) Find your favorite radio station
4) Switch on Nissan multimedia center
5) Push AUX button
6) Profit. You can listen broadcast radio from smartphone via your Nissan audio system.

The same can be done via bluetooth and headphones (needed to serve as antenna).

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