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Re: Idea for apartment dwellers: 'host' charging through window

Sat Feb 09, 2019 3:23 pm

I would just set up a practical test.

It's like doing the power factor calculation. What I get on paper is alway different from the actual capacitance I end up needing.
It's real close but is never perfect.

The calculations usually get you close. This is why we still have labs and test things in a lab.
Best example of this is underwriters laboratory. If everything worked on paper all the time then these guys wouldn't exist.

In this case we already know people have burned down their homes and have died in this exact situation. Which is an overloaded breaker that didn't trip. So we already know the result. Anyone who wants to be in the experimental group, be my guest.
I'm going to stay in the control group for this one.
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