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Re: Why is the LEAF pulling away from the Volt?

Mon May 07, 2018 7:32 pm

April's U.S. sales total for semi-affordable sub-$40k MSRP PEVs [Note: IEVS has now provided hard numbers for everyone except Tesla and GM, and I've corrected many of the figures, noted by an *]:

BEV, 3,202 (Mar 4,228), 31.5% (Mar 34.6%): (9 types: Bolt; LEAF; 500e; e-Golf; Soul EV; Focus Electric; Ionic BEV; Clarity BEV; Smart ED).
PHEV, 6,948 (Mar 7,992), 68.5% (Mar 65.4%): (12 types: Prius Prime; Volt; Clarity PHEV; Fusion Energi; Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, C-Max Energi; A3 E-tron; Kia Niro PHEV; Mini Countryman PHV; Optima PHV; Sonata PHEV; Ionic PHEV)
Total 10,150 (Mar 12,220). BEV/PHEV % decreased/increased by 3.1%.

I'm no longer going to bother listing sales of each car, only the leader in each category and any others with monthly sales over 1k., with the preceding month's sales in ( ):

Best sellers:

PHEV: Prius Prime @ 2,626 (2,922); Volt 1,325 (1,782); Clarity 1,049 (1,061).
BEV: Bolt @ 1,275 (1,774); LEAF 1,171 (1,500).

Anyone interested in a particular vehicle not mentioned should check the monthly chart at IEVS:

April's U.S. sales total for affordable sub-$30k MSRP PEVs:

BEV, 1,341* (1,800), 31.0% (34.1%): (4 types: LEAF; Focus Electric; IONIQ BEV, Smart ED)
PHEV, 2,983* (3,472), 69.0% (65.9%): (4 types: Prius Prime; Kia Niro PHEV; Hyundai Ionic PHEV; C-Max Energi)

Total 4,480 (5,272). Increase/decrease of 0.0% for BEV/PHEV market share, respectively.

Best sellers:

PHEV, Prius Prime @ 2,626 (2,922).
BEV, Bolt @ 1,275 (1,774).

The Smart ED (maybe the Spark was too) has been the only PEV with an MSRP below $25k, and while I've always thought that it was so limited in appeal it wasn't worth separating it out, it now has some competition in that price category, the Ionic PHEV. So, without further ado:

March's U.S. sales total for very affordable sub-$25k MSRP PEVs:

BEV, 80 (103), 30.8% (32.1%*): (1 type, Smart ED).
PHEV, 180 (218*), 69.2% (67.9%): (1 type, Ionic PHEV).

Total 260* (321*).

*corrected number.
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