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Re: Gen 2 LEAF AND a new Fiat Chrysler BEV to be announced at CES on 1/5/2017?

Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:31 am

powersurge wrote:I seem to hear that people are constantly looking for the next cool EV to come out. That is like a person that buys a $1000 LED TV today, and is worried that next year, they will sell an even bigger one for the same price!! Who cares? If you are hot for a Leaf, buy a Leaf, and use it starting today...
I agree. Much of the discussion here seems to be about the latest technological wonder and how cool it would be to have one in your garage. There is much less discussion about the actual needs of individual owners and the most cost effective way to accomplish that. Buying the latest "gee whiz" from Tesla is never going to be the most cost effective answer. Right now, there is a lot to be said for buying a used 2013/2014 Leaf or a 2016 S30. The cost of the used vehicle is in the $6-8K range. The cost of the new vehicle with extended range is about $16K (in my case). If that meets your needs, then it seems to me that is the right answer.
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