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Microphone Input to Bluetooth Connected Phone on 2017 Lea f

Thu Jan 25, 2018 8:21 am

I tried this on the engineering forum, and got no response. this issue makes using any of the voice enabled Android functionality (other than native cell) useless when connected to Leaf bluetooth.
So I'm reposting here in case someone has found a work around.
I have a 2017 Leaf S, that replaced a previous 2015 S. It was a pleasant surprise than the 2017 S supported AD2P which the 2015 didn't (though no control other than pause).

However, my question is about the microphone when connected by AD2P. The Leaf microphone in the dome does work with cell phone calls. It does not seem to work with much of anything else on the phone, and the phones out microphone is effectively disabled.

OK GOOGLE seems to trigger, but further voice input doesn't take. I'm not sure what is hearing the trigger.

I often use an app that directs calls from my home phone to the app. I get sound, but it doesn't pickup any voice from my side. The audio inpuit to Android Auto doesn't work, etc.

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