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Re: Open Vehicle Monitoring System

Mon May 16, 2016 10:10 am

Is this project dead? I cannot get the site to load. I was going to roll my own version of this based on the particle electron before I found out about this project.

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Re: Open Vehicle Monitoring System

Wed May 25, 2016 3:08 am

OVMS for the Leaf is very active at the moment :)

Tom Parker wrote some great new Leaf code for the OVMS. All is running well and he even managed to get the remote climate control running!

I did some hacking on the Android app, to have some nice Leaf images and to make it run without Google apps.

You can read the story and find some links and files on my website:

All credit for the code goes to Tom.

Enjoy ...


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Re: Open Vehicle Monitoring System

Sun Aug 20, 2017 8:54 pm

Is the climate control function accessible in the S trim or only the SL and SV?

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Re: Open Vehicle Monitoring System

Sat Aug 26, 2017 3:19 pm

deanm0000 wrote:Is the climate control function accessible in the S trim or only the SL and SV?

I've only tested on Japanese Domestic Market cars but so far the remote climate control has worked on all models prior to the 2016 model year. Models with Carwings or Nissan Connect need to have the TCU unplugged as this interferes with the OVMS's attempt to replace the TCU messages. Models without Carwings and Nissan Connect don't have a TCU and so it just works. Some first generation (2012 and earlier) cars need a small hardware modification to the OVMS and a wire connected to the TCU harness.

In the 2016 model year they moved the TCU from the EV CAN bus to the Car CAN bus and apparently changed the messages it sends. I have such a car for testing but I haven't yet tried to make it work. See the thread for more detail.

The OVMS hardware is out of stock at the moment, the (hopefully) final prototypes of the v3 hardware are being manufactured now.

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Re: Open Vehicle Monitoring System

Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:26 am

Hello everyone :)

Is there any update on the project? :?:
is it reliable?

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