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Re: Mini-QC Rapid-Charger (RC) Project for LEAF QC Port

Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:03 pm

Marktm wrote:Quite amazing work - that seems so straight-forward, but definitely is not.

Do you believe it is possible to DC/QC an EV using a typical home based PV systems (say 5 to 10 KW) with minimal/no "battery backup". I realize its not actually "QC", but would seem to be much more efficient than using the Level II charge system - and for me with a 2012 Leaf, almost 3 times the charge rate (at 10Kw).

Could the DC/DC converter be designed for "opportunity charging" so that the EV's charge rate simply varies with the solar energy available? If MPPT function is added, it would become the first truly high voltage (battery) solar MPPT battery charger- at least from what I can find.

Yes you sure could! Here's a video of me doing that with +/-200v solar in, 93v battery out.

I have since configured my panels are configured for 400v in (at max power).

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