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Re: iOS LeafSpy Pro Support

Wed Feb 28, 2018 12:39 am

Turbo3, you, sir are absolutely correct! I have confirmed that by going into

Settings/Privacy/Location Services/Leafspy on my iPhone 8

and selecting

"Allow Location Access" to be set to "While using the App" (i.e ticked)

we successfully start distance/elevation displaying again (the Elevation and Speed are displayed at the top of the Graphs screen, and the graphing works when you start moving)!

This must have happened when I upgraded IOS to 11.2.6 just before I also updated Leafspy to v1.7.34 (I noticed I had an IOS update waiting to be done, so I did the IOS update first).

Note however, that the problem was also evident on another iPhone 6 that was still at IOS 11.1.2. When I upgraded Leafspy to 1.7.34 on that device, perhaps it defaulted the "Allow Location Access" setting to 'Never'?

Anyway, thanks again for assisting to get this sorted.

PS: Happy to help test new releases, but I guess I would still need to be enabled to access "TestFlight"!?


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Re: iOS LeafSpy Pro Support

Sat Mar 17, 2018 1:01 pm

Because of problems with the LELink^2 low power mode on 2018 Leafs I have released a new version (1.7.36) that disables that feature.

There are two parts to the problem. The first part is that the low power mode uses CAN activity to wake it up and only CAN activity. That is just fine for all vehicles but the 2018 Leaf. The 2018 Leaf has no CAN activity so it never wakes up.

The second and more important problem is that the way the LELink^2 low power feature was implemented once it enters low power mode it can only be awaken by CAN activity. This is true even when you unplug and plug again. Instead of powering up and timing out it comes up powered off. In a 2018 this means you can never power the LELink^2 up again without doing a hard reset by shorting some pins. Not something your typical user can do.

So for now it is safer for me to just disable this low power mode

If you have a 2018 Leaf and used the previous versions of LeafSpy that enabled low power mode there should be a way to get the LELink^2 running again. You need to have or have access to another vehicle (not a 2018 Leaf). Plug the LELInk^2 into it. If the power LED does not come on then turn the vehicle on and that should cause CAN activity. With the LELink^2 powered on you can now run version 1.7.36 of LeafSpy and it will connect and disable low power mode. Of course LeafSpy will not actually work (unless you are using a 2011-2017 Leaf) but it should connect to the LELink^2 and reconfigure low power mode off.

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