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Is the leaf compter faking whats left in the battery

Thu Mar 01, 2018 6:14 am

I have a 3.3 kw charger charging my leaf for 50 minutes on a stopwatch. But when I look at the leaf spy data it measures 4 kw have been put in the battery over that 50 minutes. It should be 2.9 kWh So why is the onboard computer saying its got 8 kWh on the GIDS when its only at best put in 2.9 kWh ? Is my 3.3 kw charger really running at 4kws? 220v x 15 amps = 3.3 kw . Maybe 125 v input in Chicago
250 x 15 = 3.75kw x 50 minutes of an hour = .83 of an hour = 3.08 kw . I have 2 meters measuring the kw draw on the system. One is a whole house meter that measures 3500 watts minus the 200 watts normal baseline kw draw which confirms the 3.3 kw draw of the charger. The second meter measures just the draw only on the Bosch charger which measures 3 kWh per that 50 minute time.

But the leaf spy is saying the car went from having 4 kWh left in the battery to 8 left. Is the leaf spy GID indicator approximate with a variance of 25 percent ? Or is Nissan rigging the onboard computer so it does not have to replace a couple thousand battery packs ? has anyone who is measuring their Kw input on their 2013 Nissan Leaf noticing this difference?

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Re: Is the leaf compter faking whats left in the battery

Thu Mar 01, 2018 7:05 am

Your "3.3 KW " EVSE is actually running at 3.84 KW and your claim "should be" you saw 4 "KWH" going into pack. 3.3 KW is the approx effective charging rate due to conversion losses, heat, etc.
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Re: Is the leaf compter faking whats left in the battery

Thu Mar 01, 2018 11:15 am

If you want to look at it that way. Reporting the remaining capacity in a battery is an inexact science. The BMS looks at the voltage of the pack, but that's not always possible, so it also measures charge going into and out of the battery to report reasonably accurate numbers on the go. It's not unusual for the GID value to shift occasionally at times, like between turning off the car and turning it on the next time.
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