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Re: Enphase field MTBF: M190: ~36 Years M215: ~316 Years M250: >357 Years

Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:44 am

From the "jagged production curves" thread:
jjleejr wrote:So from the public page you can monitor and see when a micro inverter fails?
That was true until September 3, 2013. Before that date, I could gather enough information from the public pages to identify failures. On that date Enphase reduced the amount of data which was available on every system's public page. As a result, I now depend on reports from owners or friends of owners to know how many failures a given system has experienced.
jjleejr wrote:Feel free to add mine. It’s a brand new system.

Thanks, John! I added your system as Row 238 in the spreadsheet. Please check the details I wrote there to ensure they are correct. If you want me to keep up with your system's reliability, please drop a note into this thread occasionally and let me know how many failures you have had, even if there have been none. There is no need to do that regularly, as MTBF data accumulates very slowly. But if you do it every year or so that's fine. Please identify which row your system occupies at the time you make the report. TIA!

Congratulations on your new system!
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Enphase Inverter Measured MTBF: M190, M215, M250, S280

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