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Re: SDG&E, Solar, Net Metering, and Time of Use 2 (TOU2)

Tue May 30, 2017 4:04 pm

philip wrote:
RegGuheert wrote:(I'm not quite sure why SDG&E's TOU rates do not yet reflect this reality.)
They proposed to shift the TOU to later in the day a couple years back and the CPUC rejected it (they didn't provide the data to justify the shift at that time). Rate setting is a slow process and they are still working this through - I haven't kept up on it lately, but I believe this will be finalized late this year. Those with residential NET metering are supposed to be grandfathered on the current time of use time periods for a period of five years (not sure if it's from the start of the new TOU period, or if from the interconnect date, but probably the latter).
Randy wrote:A proposed decision on the TOU issue was released on May 18. Comments are due in a couple of weeks... ... 222728.PDF
Thanks, guys! It's good to hear they are addressing this.
Randy wrote:Highlights of the decision include:

* Adopts a five-month summer season (June-October)
* Adjusts base TOU periods so that the on-peak period is 3-9pm daily
* Extends super off-peak to be midnight to 6am weekdays, adds 10am-2pm super off-peak in March and April. Also extends super off-peak from midnight to 2pm on weekends.
That makes good sense. The market is moving in a direction which will make personal storage systems like Tesla's Powerwall and Enphase' AC Battery more attractive. Advances in the technologies behind those products will also help.

TOU pricing will be a continuously-moving target. Eventually I expect "super-off-peak" times to occur in the middle of the daytime. We will need to start moving to some form of BEV-net-metering before we get to that point in order to encourage daytime charging by not penalizing employers unduly. It will also reduce the amount of battery oversupply that will occur.
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Re: SDG&E, Solar, Net Metering, and Time of Use 2 (TOU2)

Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:11 am

Just received my annual true up:

Code: Select all

On Peak   Off Peak   Super Off Peak
-2,374      691*      4,658

Net Metering Charges      97.83
RYU Reward               -16.25
Climate Credit            -47.06
Minimum Charge Adjustment   27.45
Total Bill               61.97

*Should be 640, but SDG&E hasn't corrected an April billing error, but it won't change my final billing due to the annual minimum charge.

Our consumption for the year was 10,616 kWh. Solar generated 7706 kWh, covering 72.6% of our usage, and 97.4% of our billing due to TOU.

LEAF uses approximately 3,000 kWh/year of that. The rest of the super off peak is from load shifting - pool pump, dishwasher, and some summer AC use. Standby base/load in our house is about 400W.

Solar generated approx. $2400 in electricity value. I could of used another $27+ of power with no billing change (minimum charge adjustment). System is sized just right, little bit of educated guess work with a heap of luck I guess - I couldn't really install a larger system cost effectively due to shading and my array orientation and pitch is less than ideal. 5.7kW DC with a 2% tilt to the north-east. :)

It will be interesting to see how this changes in the coming years with the TOU time periods changing and May dropping off from summer rates. May generates my largest credit for the year, changing it to winter rates will increase my billing by about $100. The TOU time period shift will be harder to estimate since we will shift loads from the evening to the day more (primarily summer AC use.) It will likely increase my annual billing by $300 or so, but I am due to replace my 30 year old AC units with something more efficient, so we'll see.
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