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Re: Anyone recording the total eclipse on their solar array?

Sun Sep 03, 2017 2:30 pm

iceisfun wrote:
Thanks! And congratulations on your new system! You got it just in time to record the solar eclipse with it. I have added your system to my spreadsheet as row 222. Please verify that I have not made any mistakes. With the addition of your system, we are now tracking 111 S280 inverters and have now accumulated over 63 device-years with no failures so far. Please check into the MTBF thread every few months or so and let me know how many inverters have failed (even if it is zero) and we will eventually learn the actual field MTBF of the S280s. (We will need to accrue a few failures before we can begin to know what the number is.)
iceisfun wrote:I have my own app that scrapes all the per inverter stats from envoy and puts them into a database and draw my own charts using d3js
Cool! And something changed because I can now see your graph. Nice!
iceisfun wrote:I'm also doing another install with ~42 IQ6+ inverters
If you can provide a link and updates to that system once complete, that will be only the second IQ6+ system I am tracking BUT, since it is a large system, it will bring the number of IQ6+ inverters we are tracking up to 62, which is more than the number of M215IGs (what I have) being tracked. Thanks again.
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