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Re: Enphase gives preview of new Enlighten website

Tue Nov 17, 2015 1:38 pm

RegGuheert wrote:
RegGuheert wrote:Enphase made another change to the public Enlighten websites this week: They removed the lifetime energy production for the site.

What are they thinking? :?:
The lifetime energy production information is back. Musta been a bug.

That was short-lived. As of early November, the biggest rollup of energy that I can see on others' Enlighten sites is a single day. No more entire month or lifetime display.

I guess Enphase is trying to dumb down the view enough to squeeze owners to purchase additional monitoring.

Frankly, I expect charging for monitoring will simply backfire. That's what happened when they tried to charge for it early on and I expect users will find other options including purchasing inverters from other vendors.
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