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Re: Dont hate me, I am getting Model 3, and selling my Leaf SL 2015

Sun May 06, 2018 5:44 am

seanxushen wrote:Thanks for all congrats and arguments. I have got my VIN on my dreaming car Model 3.

My Nissan Leaf is sold....

good deal on obtaining that elusive VIN#! seemed like it took forever for me but in retrospect I think it's only because our deposit was two years ago :) . I was impressed with the fit/finish and high technical design/performance of the Model 3 (especially after reading all the forum chatter). Since i don't usually spend that type of money on cars I thought my impressions of the car were biased, but my two other friends were equally impressed and they moved from the 3-series BMWs. I think you are gonna really love this car.
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