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Kansas City LEAF Meet/PicNic 2013

Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:20 am

I'm taking the liberty of reposting our host's (cdherman's) kind invitation to this weekend's gathering (9/14/13, 4:00 p.m.) and to welcome any local KC area LEAFers/EV enthusiasts who missed it in our LEAF in Kansas City thread:
cdherman wrote:Just in case there are any new lurkers who don't know if they would be welcome, or others that have forgotten about the event, then here is a reminder and invitation. I will be hosting, 4pm, next Saturday. Food is being provided -- there is a PM food thread going and if you'd like to be included, send me a PM and I will include you on the food thread. But you don't have to bring libations or victuals to take part. Just bring an EV or a positive interest in one and you will be welcome.

I have lots of charging space and at least at 4PM, you could even get some renewable electrons (they actually heal the battery so you will have more GIDS after sipping from the solar fountain of youth). So if you are coming from a distance, and would like to plug in, we are good to go.....

PM with any questions....

With that said, I've excerpted directions from our host's additional response:
cdherman wrote:...On the east side of the road there are some cross streets, but my place is the first place off Barry Rd, going south on Mace Rd, on the west side. House sits up a bit of a drive on a hill, behind trees and a white fence....

I don't generally like posting addresses....

Occurs to me that I could just post old fashioned directions:

From south, using I-435, take 152 east exit, then 4 miles aprox to Amity Rd, south, then left (east) onto Barry. After a steep hill, about 1/4 mile, first right will be onto Mace Rd. 8324 will be on your right, about 200 yards down Mace.

From south, using 635 and I-29 -- Use I-29 to Barry Rd, then west on Barry Rd (go past Zona Rosa) about 1.4 miles. Second hill after Barry reduces to 4 lanes, and ditches the turning lane, there will be a left turn onto Mace (south). See above for rest....

From points north or east, use 152 and Amity, as noted above...

Feel free to PM me or cdherman, as mentioned above, if you have any questions and to let us know if you can join us.

Thank you cdherman for hosting our event!

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