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Re: Need help getting a Leaf in Central Ohio Area

Mon Oct 21, 2013 9:53 am

Yea, I calculated 15K miles per year means 63 mile round trip commute. I do a 60 mile round trip from just northeast of Kings Island southbound down I-71 to Cincinnati and back. I have done it without ECO mode and driven 70 mph with climate control on. You won't need to charge at work. It is helpful though if you have some errands to run.

I recommend a 15,000 mile lease. If you go over, the penalty works out to be a same as the higher lease payments. Plus, Nissan usually has some deals for you when turning in your Nissan lease... like turning it in a few months early and waiving up to $500 EWT charges. Why pay up front when you're not sure that you are going to use the extra miles.
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