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Memphis & West Tennessee Leafs

Tue Mar 22, 2011 4:00 pm

Effective late February, Memphis and all West Tennessee counties are now in the state of Tennessee EV-Project area, thus joining our other two state divisions, Middle and East Tennessee united now as one in the large EV-Project for the state.
I reside in Medina, TN which is near Jackson in West Tennessee. I reserved my new Nissan Leaf on May 10, 2010, and ordered the car on December 12, 2010 when given the contact dealer command from Nissan and placed my order. My dealer is Carlock Nissan of Jackson and they were excellent to work with on the order. The dealer is ahead of the norm for Nissan dealers in the area and have already installed four (4) level two EVSE's at the dealership. The dealership has a dedicated sales contact for all the Nissan Leafs.
I thought it would be nice to start a new thread on MyNissanLeaf.com so that all Memphis and West Tennessee future Leaf owners could establish a communication link among ourselves. I have currently been given a May delivery date of the car by Nissan, so like many other forum users I am in the May (maybe) delivery classification at the current time.
I was in Phoenix the past week and was fortunate enough to meet up with four new Leaf owners in the Phoenix Metro Area and 5 or 6 other soon to be Leaf owners like myself. It was an excellent exchange of car information, very informative and I was very appreciative to the group for allowing me to join and meet with them for over two hours that day.
I look forward to hearing from those of you in the Memphis/West Tennessee area on this excellent forum.

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