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Re: Leafs Over Texas!

Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:58 am
by annabel398
Pipcecil wrote:the best places to look for QC is through eVgo - they own all the current ones in Texas and their map is up-to-date:

Both Blink (now owned by car charging) and ChargePoint do install DC chargers, but they have none in Texas (yet).

Resurrecting this thread... The statement above was probably true in 2013 but not now.

  • Chargepoint DC station, downtown Austin (2nd Street aka "Electric Drive," just off Lamar Blvd) - free if you are on the Austin Energy Plug-In EVerywhere program, otherwise $2/hr, 1 hour minimum. Best charger in Austin, but very popular with the Teslas. If you ask nicely, they'll usually let a Leaf in for a quick top-up.
  • Greenlots DC station, Round Rock Kia (exit 254 off IH-35) - free (download free app to use)
  • Eaton DC station ALWAYS BROKEN, Town North Nissan, Austin (just off 183 and MoPac). I put this in the list just because I want to call them out. Fix it or replace it, you're an embarrassment!

The EVgo chargers are $10 a pop, which is a little rich for my blood ... at an effective 12ยข or more per mile, I might as well be buying gasoline. The only way I would consider spending that much for a DC charge would be if they had one in Brenham (halfway between Austin and Houston).

Re: Leafs Over Texas!

Posted: Mon May 20, 2019 8:16 pm
by ecoobsessive
San Antonio LEAFers: We have a DC Quick Charge! Walmart Supercenter on Thousand Oaks - The CHAdeMO is way down at the end of the line of CCS chargers - Electrify America Network - no membership needed. My car has waited 8 years for this!